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When your car or motorbike has warm & sweaty during our summer season & appears completely misted up winter, this is gentle reminder that your car or motorbike needs to come to us at Brotherton Garage for our excellent air conditioning services. Most car or motorbike manufacturers recommended having your air con serviced every 2 years so it is an important thing to be aware of.

When your air con system is fully recharged this will result in substantially lowering your fuel consumption as there is not so much strain on the engine of the car or motorbike. Its always nice to save your pennies on fuel whenever possible!

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A typical air con system on a car or motorbike loses roughly around 10-15% of refrigerant every year according to recent studies. Having the air conditioning recharged is normally referred to in the industry as “regas”.

Our fantastic service includes both a refrigerant recharge & and replacement of lubricating oil, furthermore a full components check of the actual system itself.

Air Conditioning Services – Repair Work

Here at Brotherton Garage we offer repair work as well as the general service of the air con system. If there are any potential signs of leakage/horrible smells or any problems with your air conditioning service whatsoever, bring your car or motorbike to our highly trained team of mechanics so we can check things out for you. If a faulty air con system is left without repair, this can become a very expensive mistake moving forward.

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