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Make those gear changes smooth again

The importance of your gearbox

Just like a push-bike, your car or motorbike needs to be in the right gear at all times to make driving easier and keep your journey running smoothly. This means that exactly the right amount of power will be delivered to the car at all times to keep it accelerating and allow it to get up and down hills without struggling. Any problem with your gearbox could lead to your journey coming to a sudden, grinding halt – an accident risk that we dread to think about.

Warning signs that you might need a gearbox repair

It’s important to look out for any sign of gearbox failure due to the crucial role it plays in your driving experience and the high risk of an accident should anything go wrong with it. If you notice that your car or motorbike refuses to go into gear or putting it into a certain gear is more of a struggle than before, there is a burning smell or your vehicle slips out of gear on its own while you’re driving you should book a gearbox appointment with Brotherton Garage today.

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The number one choice for gearbox repairs in Knottingley

We have been conducting high quality gearbox repairs for the local community since 1983 and, with that much experience, why would you look anywhere else should you experience a gearbox problem? Or perhaps our customer focused approach, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent garage facilities in a convenient location will convince you to make Brotherton Garage your first choice when something goes wrong with your vehicle. With a wide range of additional services for your flexibility, we can cater for everyone. So, what’s stopping you from booking an appointment?

It’s now simpler than ever to make an appointment for your gearbox repair

When our process is so simple, you shouldn’t have to endure any hassle with booking your car or motorbike in for a gearbox repair. Our online booking tool is available 24/7 and offers a quick, easy and, most importantly, free way of booking an appointment. All we need is your registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be to confirm your booking. If we need any extra information, excluding your bank details, we’ll be in touch.

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