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Your air-conditioning system explained

Not only does it keep you cool on the hottest days of summer, your air-conditioning plays a vital role in demisting your windscreen during winter and filtering dust and pollen out of the cabin all-year-round. It uses refrigerant gas to cool and filter the outside air to make your journey as pleasant as possible. But it does need to be taken care of to continue working as efficiently as it should.

When should I get a service?

Most manufacturers recommend getting your air-conditioning system serviced every two years to keep that vital refrigerant gas topped up and ensure bacteria can’t build up in the vents. However, if you ever notice that your air-conditioning system isn’t producing cold air anymore, or there is a funny smell in the cabin, we recommend booking an appointment with the team here at Brotherton Garage to make sure the problem doesn’t develop into anything more serious.

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We’ve been sending happy customers on their way since 1983 and we’re proud of our reputation as a trustworthy local garage. We’ll always do exactly what we say we will and maintain open and honest dialogue with you at all times to give you complete peace of mind in everything we’ve done. We don’t believe it’s difficult to provide a quality service, so we never settle for anything less than perfection on all our air-conditioning services. Why not ask us how we can help you?

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If your air-conditioning system is leaving you hot under the collar, you don’t want to end up getting irate with booking an appointment. With Brotherton Garage, you’ll never experience any hassle ever again – our online booking tool makes it quick and easy to make an appointment. All you need to enter is your registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be, then let us do the rest. The best part? You’ll only ever pay for your air-conditioning service after we’ve carried it out.

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