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Your tyres keep you in control of your vehicle and safe on the roads. They will degrade naturally with time and so need to be replaced before the end of their lifespan. Fortunately, we stock a wide range of tyres for your car or motorbike to keep you driving safely and smoothly at all times. As every vehicle is different, we need to know a few details about yours before your repair so we can match you up with the perfect tyre.

Warning signs that your tyres need replacing

It’s important to keep an eye on your tyres because of their importance in keeping you safe on the roads. If you notice that the tread depth of your tyres is below 1.6mm, there are any bulges or blisters on your tyres, you notice excessive vibration in the steering wheel when you’re driving along or you begin to veer off to one side without moving the steering wheel, it’s worth booking an appointment with Brotherton Garage as soon as possible. Let us give you peace of mind over your tyres.

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Affordable tyres for all budgets

Whatever you drive, whatever your budget, Brotherton Garage has the perfect tyre for you. Our prices are honest, transparent and always provided upfront, so you’ll never be hit with any hidden nasties after we’ve done the work. All our tyre repairs include a quick wheel alignment to ensure your tyre goes on correctly and that your vehicle drives straight and true. Our customer service sets us apart so, if you have any concerns, or there’s anything else we can do for you, don’t hesitate to let us know.

A quick and easy way to book your tyre appointment

It’s quick and easy for us to carry out a tyre repair – so it shouldn’t be any more complicated for you to book your vehicle in for one. With our online booking tool, all it takes is a few clicks. Once you’ve filled out what tyres your vehicle needs, simply enter a date you’d like your appointment to be and a few details about yourself. We’ll then do the rest! What’s more, you’ll always pay after we’ve carried out the work, so you’ll never feel ripped off.

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