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What is 4 wheel alignment?

The alignment of your wheels determines how straight your vehicle will drive. If your wheels aren’t aligned with each other, or the central line of your vehicle, extra stress will be placed on the tyres, resulting in excess wear and tear. A 4 wheel alignment appointment with Brotherton Garage will ensure each of your wheels are correctly aligned with your vehicle and each other, which will improve your ride and the driving performance of your vehicle.

Warning signs you might need 4 wheel alignment

Most of us don’t take notice when we drive over a pothole or clip the kerb, but these could cause significant problems. Never ignore a minor collision such as these because they might have affected your wheel alignment. If you notice your vehicle driving differently, such as veering to one side without moving the steering wheel, excessive vibration in the steering wheel or one or more tyres wearing unevenly, book a 4 wheel alignment appointment with Brotherton Garage today.

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Why you should trust Brotherton Garage with your 4 wheel alignment

Your vehicle is important to you, so you want to take it to a garage that makes it important to them. Here at Brotherton Garage, we are passionate about improving your life as much as we can and that covers the time your vehicle spends in our garage as well. This is why we carry out each and every 4 wheel alignment appointment in less than an hour – so you can get back on with your life quicker. You’re always our priority, so if you ever have any questions, never hesitate to ask us.

Booking an appointment has never been easier!

Here at Brotherton Garage, we value simplicity, which is why we offer an online booking tool to make booking your 4-wheel alignment appointment as simple as its ever been. All you need to do is enter your registration number and when you’d like your appointment to be, and you can book anytime of day, no matter where you are. Afterwards, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your appointment – but you’ll only ever be asked for payment after we’ve completed all the work.

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