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Perhaps one of the most important tests that needs to be performed on your vehicle every year is your MOT.

When you encounter a warning light illuminating on your dashboard, a vehicle diagnostics check can quickly diagnose the issue & stop it becoming a more serious problem further down the line. This is where we can help at Brotherton Garage who have a specialist team that deals with these checks on a daily basis.

The majority of modern car and motorbikes on the road today have an in-built computer system known as an ECU (Engine control unit) which continuously monitors the overall daily performance the individual vehicle. Sensors which are located all over the vehicle report their findings back to the ECU if there are issues detected with the vehicle for example issues like an increase in the enginge temperature of the vehicle. When a potential issue is noted, the ECU then proceeds to generate an error code.

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There are a ridiculous amount of conceivable error codes that can exclusively be read by specialised vehicle diagnostic equipment. Whilst there could very well be a warning light being displayed on your vehicles dashboard alerting you to a potential issue, a diagnostics check is essential to understand the full extent of the problem & how it will impact things with the vehicle in the near future.

Vehicle Diagnostic Check – Why us?

At Brotherton garage we use our state of the art vehicle diagnostic equipment which can quickly read the engine fault codes in the memory of the vehicles ECU. Our expertly trained mechanics can then quickly suggest any required repair work on the vehicle & get it back on the road before you know it. When you next see a dashboard warning light appear in your vehicle, bring it into us so we can solve the issue & come to a quick conclusion on how to get you safely back on the road.

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