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Gearboxes are a very complex part of your car or motorbike so it is essential to get maintenance on the car on a regular basis. At Brotherton Garage we are experts in gearbox repairs. In our state of the art garage we offer the highest quality gearbox replacement & gearbox repair services.

We have a professional team of mechanics here who will diagnose issues with your transmissions asap whether it is for manual or automatic cars.

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Gearbox repair services – warning signs

There are a number of issues which could indicate a problem with your transmissions, including the following:

Refusal to go into gear – One potential issue that could occur is that the transmission refuses to shift when you depress the clutch pedal & when you attempt to move the stick shifter.

Burning smell – If you smell burning transmission fluid, this is a clear sign that your transmission fluid may well be overheating. Common causes of this issue are usually inadequate levels of transmission fluids which furthermore can be a warning sign of a leak or murky fluid which will need to be changed.

Gears slipping – On a transmission in where the gears are slipping, the car or motorbike can unprompted move out of gear and in a manual force the stick back to neutral. Obviously this does not need explaining how much of a serious issue this is, once this happens even once, you need to bring you car in to be checked by our team.

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