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The vast majority of cars and motorbikes out on the road need an MOT and a new certificate every single year when they reach the age of 3. It is critical to keep a note of when your car or motorbike is next due for its MOT as there is a real risk you could be putting your life in danger by driving a car or motorbike which is not safe enough to use on the roads. This is where Brotherton garage come in. We can offer you the most competitively priced MOT Knottingley.

The car and motorbike MOT check includes an extensive range of essential checks to guarantee the cars and motorbikes is up to required road standard & meets the standard needed to meet environmental levels.

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Huge numbers of cars and motorbikes pass their MOT check every single year using Brotherton Garage. We offer the best MOT package in the local area. Our dealership trained mechanics have carried out work on all kinds of car and motorbike brands & model types so you can rest assured to know you are in the best possible hands.

Use our online booking tool by simply entering in your registration, and you can check when your car MOT date is coming up. You can book up to 28 days before your MOT is due so that you get a full 13 months MOT cover.

MOT Knottingley – Why do I need one?

If your car or motorbike is having its 1st MOT ever, you will have to bring a V5C car or motorbikes registration certificate (log book) into our centre with you. The certificate is also required if there has been any change at all to your car or motorbikes registration plate since the last MOT the car or motorbike has had. Aside from these scenarios you need to bring in no further information about your car or motorbike.

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